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For more on the making of this video, please click on this link or visit the Focus Video and Anthem tab on our Media page. 


Duke's Focus Program for first-year students provides clusters of courses designed around an interdisciplinary theme. Topics for study include the cognitive sciences, ethics and global citizenship, genomics, knowledge in the service of society, global health, international politics, contemporary and medieval cultures and social ideals. Focus faculty come from academic departments in Arts & Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering and are leading researchers in their fields.

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Rebecca Richards, Power of Language, Class of 2015

Among the numerous decisions I made during my time at Duke, few were as transformative as my decision to participate in the Focus program. When I learned of the “Power of Language” program, I was immediately intrigued. Having had the opportunity to study Linguistics through… Read More...

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    • Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes, Knowledge in Service of Society, Class of 2015

After getting accepted into Duke I was bombarded with information and I quickly skipped over the Focus program as another thing that I didn't need to do. However, during Blue Devil Days my mom sat in on the Focus information session and was completely sold.… Read More...

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    • Abhi Sanka

Abhi Sanka, Genomes in Our Lives, Class of 2016

Before Duke, I was a passionate political junkie. Although strongly motivated by an intense love for the world that was Washington D.C., I also deeply respected medicine and science given their immense impact upon the human condition. Above all else, however, I enjoyed leadership in… Read More...

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Director of the Focus Program

Dr. Edna Andrews: 

321B Languages Building

Campus Box 90259

Phone: (919) 660-3142, (919) 660-3140

Fax: (919) 660-3141

Senior Program Coordinator

Pam Riley:

204C East Duke ~ East Campus

Campus Box 90769

Phone: (919) 684-9371

Fax: (919) 613-9193

Program Coordinator

Abigail Probert:

204C East Duke ~ East Campus

Campus Box 90769

Phone: (919) 684-9370

Fax: (919) 613-9193

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