• House Courses Fall 2016

House Courses are half-credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses open to all undergraduates that provide an intellectual experience distinct from regular departmental offerings and often respond directly to students' expressed interests and concerns. They enhance intellectual life in the residence halls where they are taught.

House Courses may be led by current Duke undergraduates under faculty supervision or by a faculty member from another Duke academic program or school. All courses must be approved and sponsored by a Trinity academic department and endorsed by the Arts & Sciences Council Committee on Courses. House Courses do not have multiple sections, prerequisites, or corequisites; they cannot require other curricular or extra-curricular activity or enterprise, or participation in activities beyond those of the course itself.

Next Upcoming Deadlines to Apply

March 11, 2016 5pm - Fall 2016 Courses

October 7, 2016 5pm - Spring 2017 Courses